Aluminum Alloy

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Customized aluminum part featured with economical, light weight and attractive is one of our core CNC machining service. Parts made from aluminum alloy are often less expensive because they can be machined in less time than many other metals such as steel. Although CNC aluminum parts do not require additional finishes, we can also supply anodized aluminum parts with various colors. Plain aluminum is resistant to corrosion as a thin protective layer is formed when exposed to the atmosphere.

Aluminum is with good machining condition, and has a high strength to weight ratio. It is also a good conductor of electricity and heat, making it ideal for heat sinks.

Different types of Aluminum Alloy

Below showed aluminum alloys generally used and supplied at Jent:

Aluminum 1050

Aluminum 2024

Usually used in applications requiring high strength to weight ratio, as well as good fatigue resistance. Weldable through friction welding and average machinability. 2024 is widely used in aircraft structures, especially wing and fuselage structures under tension.

Aluminum 5052

Most common alloys of aluminum in sheet metal fabrication, such as stamping, laser engraving, wire cutting. Good machinability in bending, punching and shearing.

Aluminum 6061-T6

Good CNC machining capability and good weldability. Most common aluminum alloy for general purpose use. Widely used for aerospace construction, frame and housing of device, utility boats, bicycle frames and components. Often used in extrusions and hot forging of automotive and industrial spare parts.

Aluminum 6063-T5

Generally good mechanical properties and highly weldable. Mostly used in extruded shapes for architecture, particularly window frames, door frames, customized profile of frames, piping, tubing and furniture. 

Aluminum 6082

Aluminum 7075

Strong, with good fatigue strength and average machinability, but not weldable. Cost is relatively high. Often used in aircraft including wings and fuselages, rock climbing equipment and bicycle components.