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Copper Machined Parts

It takes an uncommon amount of knowledge and experience to develop a thoroughly reliable supply chain for copper components. That's why leading manufacturers turn to Jent for copper machining that delivers both needed quantities and essential quality without fail.

Copper Machining Advantages

As the premier copper machining supplier, Jent knows the many benefits behind copper machined parts. Copper is known for being the best electrical conductor while having a relatively low cost. Jent find that copper CNC machining is a smooth, easy process because copper is a good heat conductor that is easy to shape. Copper also has high corrosion resistance properties to rust, making copper machined parts popular for electrical applications.

Applications for Machined Copper Parts

Jent recommends several applications for copper parts and components. Machined copper is suitable for engineering applications because of its corrosion resistant and thermal conductivity properties. Some engineering applications for machined copper parts include: valves, hydraulic tubing, radiators, and much more. Also, copper machining is suitable for electrical applications because of copper's electrical conductivity property. Machining copper for electrical applications is used mostly in the automotive industry for radiators, cooling systems, and even heat exchangers. Furthermore, there are also environmental applications that require copper machining products including coastal power systems and plumbing systems! If your applications require copper machining services, then request a quote today.

Brass Machined Parts

Few materials are easier to machine than brass, so smart brass component buyers choose their brass parts supplier by using a simple decisive factor: who can I trust to deliver the machined brass products I need precisely when I want them?

Brass Machining Applications

Brass machining is used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including medical, electrical, plumbing, and even consumer goods. Companies prefer small brass turned parts and components because it's one of the easiest materials to machine, it's cost efficient, and extrememly durable. Machined brass fittings are often used in electronic hardware because of its low strength and weight properties. Additional brass machining applications include engineering, plumbing, and steam work because machined brass fittings have a low friction coefficient and high corrosion resistant properties. We understands all industries and application specifications and standards, which is why we're the premier brass parts manufacturer.

Common Machined Brass Copper Parts:

Pipe Fittings

Flare Fittings

Brass Gears

Compression Fittings

Bulkhead Fittings


Swivel Fittings

Grunner Fittings

Worm Gears

Musical Instruments

Compression Orifice

And many more custom brass parts