About Us

We are a factory established in Shenzhen from 2007, at that time, we mainly supply the CNC, plastics and molds. In 2014, we moved to Dongguan from Shenzhen, this is one of the biggest factory cities in China, and during such kind of environment, due to there are too many competitors, they pushed us keep moving forward, right now we become to a factory that main focus to INNOVATION and QUALITY, also this is our culture. Right now, we own 9,000 Square meters factory, and invested many different kinds of factories and also stepped into different areas like E-cigs, CBD vaping etc. We are one of the leaders during CNC, E-cig OEM and ODM, also more and more of our other products get popular within China and world. Besides, we are one of the one-stop leader factories within Vaping area, we offer molds, CNC, plastic and metal etc by ourselves, so choosing us, it’s not only about the best quality, but also the best price, because of we are the REAL one-stop since we offer over 70% units of E-cig by ourselves. 

Currently, we R&D a litany of superior vaporizer hardware that includes vape cartridges, pod systems, batteries, disposables, and more. Within 2018, we set up our own brand “Jent” mainly for improving the CBD vaping performance. Choosing us, I believe we will become your reliable partner: Professionally, honestly, efficiently, innovative and also with outstanding services.

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